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Waddington Street Centre
A Community Mental Health Resource
Organisation of Waddington Street Centre

Waddington Street Centre Limited is a charitable company limited by guarantee, number 2330506, incorporated on 21st December 1988 and registered as a charity, number 701514, on 16 May 1989.

The company was established under a Memorandum of Association which established the objects and powers of the charitable company and is governed under its Articles of Association. In 2011 the Centre's trustee board revised to the governing document to ensure that it was 'fit for purpose' for the years ahead. 

The Centre's activities are directed by a Board of Directors, including professionals from other agencies including Durham University, New College Durham, NHS, local commerce and Waddington Street United Reformed Church. The Board of Directors meets every 6 weeks and receives reports from the Centre Manager, the Treasurer and the Resource Organiser. The Directors are responsible for managing the business of the Company and the Board meets approximately every six weeks and receives regular reports from the Centre's Manager, the Treasurer and service users. The Board also has two sub-committees which meet when required and report to the Board. These are the Personnel (Employment) sub-committee and the Health & Safety sub-committee. Other working groups are set up by the Board as required.

WSC seeks to have a Board which combines complementary skills, recognises and includes the Centre's key partners, and which has strong service user representation. Consequently, individuals may be asked to consider serving as Directors/Trustees because they offer particular skills or experience, or come from partner organisations, or are able to offer the perspective of service users.  WSC encourages and supports service users to become formally involved in helping to run the Centre.

The Centre has a strong and demonstrable commitment to active user involvement. Several service users are Board members (Director/Trustees) and many have registered as company members. Centre strongly supports and encourages the service user 'movement' through its internal service user forum.

Waddington Street has a trustee board with an established track record of managing trust funding and in 1997 was awarded a major grant of approximately GBP500k from the then National Lottery Charities Board in 1997 to undertake a substantial project to refurbish and extend the premises.

The makeup of the trustee board is as follows:

  • Fred Robinson Chair, Professor of Economic and Social Development
  • Ruth Crofton Vice Chair, Retired United Reformed Minister                 
  • Jeff Dean Treasurer, Retired 
  • Janet Attfield Secretary, Retired School Teacher
  • Louise Toms Trustee, Service User
  • Bob Kelly Trustee, Service User
  • Mike Watts Trustee, College Head of Language
  • David Blazey Trustee, NHS Social Inclusion, Rehabilitation and Recovery Projects Manager
  • Erica Jones Trustee, Retired Consultant Psychiatrist
  • Daniel Rippon Trustee, Assistant Psychologist
  • Kay Parker Trustee, Retired Mental Health Social Worker

In addition to the above the staff team is made up of people with experience of working in mental health, education, finance, health, social policy work and the voluntary sector.

The work of the Centre is subject to an annual quality audit by Durham County Council and holds the Investors In People kite mark. The finances are subject to a full annual audit.

Waddington Street Centre Staff during 2017:

  • Ali Lee - Resource Organiser & Deputy Manager 
  • Amy Tuddenham- Support Worker
  • Beatrice Potter - Cleaner
  • Craig Rundle - Support Worker
  • Fergus Grant - Support Worker / Housing Support Worker
  • Helen Fox - Support Worker
  • Jen Lamb - Housing Support Worker
  • Joan Moore - Support Worker
  • Gemma Kilbride - Health Trainer
  • Paula Cresswell - Senior Support Worker
  • Peter Graham-Smith - Administration Officer
  • Sam Mason - Housing Co-ordinator
  • Steve Wakefield - Centre Manager
  • Steven Moyes - Finance Officer

Company Membership

We want to invite anyone who supports the work of the Centre to become members of the company. We would like the company to have a broad base and to include a wide range of people.

If you are interested in what we do at the Centre and want to show your support, please consider joining the company. We want to have a company membership which includes service users, carers, local residents and professionals - indeed, anyone who supports the work of Waddington Street Centre.

As a member of the company you will

be invited to the Annual General Meeting
be able to stand for election as a Director on the Board
be able to vote for other company members to be elected as Directors on the Board.
As a member of a limited company, your personal liability is very limited - amounting to only GBP1. In the unlikely event of the company being wound up, the liability of members of the company is limited to only GBP1. (If you want to see the company's Articles and Memorandum of Association, please ask the Centre's Manager, Steve Wakefield).

By joining Waddington Street Centre Limited as a member of the company you can show your support and play a part in the Centre's future - and have a formal stake in the company that runs the Centre.

To join, please ask Steve for a Membership Form.  When you have been accepted as a member of the company we will let you know.  Each year, we will ask you if you want to remain a member and invite you to the Annual General Meeting.

If you want more information please contact Steve on 0191 3860702 or e-mail swakefield@waddingtoncentre.co.uk.  The current Directors on the Board and members of the Centre's staff are also available to provide further information.

Thank you
Fred Robinson, Chair, Waddington Street Centre Limited

Company Membership Application Form

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