Since April 2010 Waddington Street Centre has employed a Mental Health Trainer as part of our partnership with County Durham Primary Care Trust.

The Health Trainer works with our service users to improve physical health, as well as with users of the clozapine clinic at the new Lanchester Road Hospital. The role of the Health Trainer is to work with individual clients to support them through behaviour change by developing step change action plans and, where necessary, refer to services such as weight management or the stop smoking service. The health trainer works with individuals either through one-to-one sessions, group activities, or a combination of both. 

For more information about our Health Trainer Service, click here to read our Health Trainer Leaflet or contact our Health Trainer directly with any questions you may have using the details below: 

Gemma Kilbride
0191 386 0702

Click here for a Waddington Street Centre Referral Form.

Visit our Timetables page to see our most up-to-date Health Trainer Timetable,

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