At Waddington Street Centre we believe that being creative is good for your mental health. Getting involved with art, craft, music and writing can really help you to relax , learn new skills and express your thoughts and ideas in a positive way. It’s not about being the best at it – although it can be if you want it to. We just want people to have a go and hopefully have a lot of fun.

We have several groups that will inspire and challenge your creative side and they are always some of our most popular activities. We aim to have yearly exhibitions and performances for those who are brave enough but there is never any pressure to get involved if you don’t want to. We just want you to try out new things in a supportive environment – we know you’ll feel really proud of what you achieve. If you have any questions regarding our Creative Activities, please contact Deputy Manager Ali Lee.


We host regular exhibitions of artwork in the Waddy cafe. Follow the link above to find our more...



At the Waddington Street Centre, our writers group meets up regularly in a welcoming and relaxed environment to socialise, write and discuss each other’s work...


Our music groups offer the opportunity to play music with other people, make new friends and learn from scratch how to play an instrument.