We want to make getting to Waddington Street Centre as easy as possible but for most of our services you will need to be referred. To use our day services on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday you will need to be referred by a healthcare professional.


If you get support from a Community Mental Health Team (CMHT) then your Social Worker or Nurse can do this. Once you are referred you can:

  • Attend when you like
  • Do as many courses as you choose
  • Join in with health trainer activities
  • Have a key worker who will support you with practical and emotional issues
  • Join in with social activities, including centre holidays.

If you do not have support from a CMHT you can ask your GP to make a referral. You will be able to attend two activities per week (inc. courses and health trainer sessions).

If neither of these options applies, you can come to one of Open Access Groups which are open to all!

If you would like further information about activities and timings then please see our current timetable.
Feel free to contact us directly as we are always here to help.

For a Waddington Street Client Referral Form, please click here.

20 week Referral Form for GP's and Partner Organisations, please click here.

If you have any questions regarding our Referral process, please contact Deputy Manager Ali Lee or Manager Steve Wakefield.