At Waddington Street Centre we believe in the power of tea, chat, engaging activity and great company. Getting out of the house for a few hours can really give you a boost and having something to look forward to each week is great for you too. Social isolation isn’t good for any of us so getting out and about really can make you feel better. It can be scary coming to a new place and meeting people but all our staff and volunteers are happy to help and want to support you to get the most out of your time with us.

You don’t have to attend every week but most people find that attendance quickly becomes part of their weekly routine. The following sessions are open access and do not require a referral from a professional. Non-alcoholic refreshments are available. If you have any questions regarding our Open Access Groups, please don't hesitate to contact our Deputy Manager Ali Lee.


Women's Group

Every Monday - 3.30 pm to 5.30 pm

A friendly and lively women’s group filled to the brim with friendship, support and laughter. Activities vary weekly depending on what group members choose to do. Some past examples include trips out, guest speakers, karaoke, buffets, arts and crafts, and watching DVDs.

Being in good company and having interesting things to do is always good for the body, mind and soul.

A safe and male-free environment where you can flourish and thrive

18+ years only


Men’s CREE

Every Wednesday - 5 pm to 7 pm

A friendly and supportive group for men who would like to engage in a variety of social activities. This relaxed and non-pressured group is ideal for anyone feeling a bit isolated and in need of good company. Members of the group devise their own timetable of activities. Some examples of past activities include pool, bowling, social evenings, arts and crafts, baking, trips, watching DVD’s, walking and cycling.

Staying connected with others and getting out and about has great therapeutic benefit.

18+ years only

For a current timetable of activities click here


Music Night

Monday Biweekly - 7 pm to 9 pm

One of our longest running and most popular evenings, this biweekly music night is the ideal destination for anyone who loves listening to or playing music in a supportive, non-pressured and relaxing environment. It’s also a great opportunity to socialise with like-minded folks.

Non-alcoholic refreshments are available.

18+ years only


This is a film Bethany and Jack created with Fixers about the importance of Peer Support. Within their brief they weren’t allowed to promote a specific project or organisation but to promote a positive project for others to learn from.

Young Person's Support Cafe (YASC)

Every Tuesday - 5 pm to 8 pm

A vibrant and supportive environment for conversation and creativity aimed at young people. Ideal for anyone looking for general support, new friends or the chance to get arty. All aspects of the evening are informal and service user lead. We work in partnership with Investing in Children so a qualified Youth Worker is always at hand.

16-21 year olds only


Poetry Jam

First Thursday of every month (excluding January) - 7 pm to 10 pm

An evening of poetry organised by North East performance poet Steve Urwin. Join us monthly for word wizardry from regional, national and international poets. Meet with like-minded word lovers in a friendly and relaxed environment. Please feel free to read your own work or just sit back and soak up the lyrical atmosphere.

Refreshments available.

18+ years only


Thursday Drop-In

Every Thursday - 7 pm to 9 pm

A very informal evening based around conversation and a cuppa. It really is that simple, but making new friends, having social contact and putting the world to rights is excellent for improving and maintaining mental health. You can attend every week or as and when, no pressure!

 You never have to be alone at Waddington Street Centre.

18+ years only


Saturday Drop-In and Open Art Studio

Every Saturday - 10 am to 3 pm

Weekends can be difficult times for people struggling with loneliness and mental health issues. Getting out of the house and being in company is good for us but finding somewhere to go on Saturdays can be difficult. Waddington Street Centre is here for people every Saturday providing a safe, supportive and fun environment. Our lounge is open for people to socialise in and we have a support worker at hand to help with things that might be worrying you. Getting things off your chest is always better than keeping it to yourself.

 If being creative is your thing, then we have an open art studio where you can drop by and get involved with drawing, painting and sculpture. The group is aimed at all levels of ability and you don’t have to have any previous experience. Just have a go and we know you’ll enjoy it.

Most importantly the idea is to meet people, build social networks and hopefully just having a really nice time.

Refreshments available

18+ years only